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Using the original Razor firmware

ASCII output

If you want to use the original unmodified firmware you have to use the RazorAhrs class. Be sure you have defined PRINT_EULER 1 and if you also want the analog raw data define also PRINT_ANALOGS 1. Finally flash the sketch.

You should connect a free output port to the Razor's dtr pin, to be able to reset. If you have defined PRINT_ANALOGS 1 you can set parseAnalogs = true.

use the following constructor:
public RazorAhrs(string com, bool parseAnalogs, Cpu.Pin dtr)

IAhrs ahrs = new RazorAhrs("com1", true, (Cpu.Pin)FEZ_Pin.Digital.UEXT10)
double roll, pitch, yaw;
ahrs.Get(out roll, out pitch, out yaw)

Using the IAhrs interface will help you to switch between different IMU's.

The ASCII output is parsed without string manipulating, so there will be no GC ;)
The Output is continuously read in the char buffer, but it's only parsed just before you call ahrs.Get(out roll, out pitch, out yaw). If you are not using the interface methods you have to call ParseData() right before you access the public properties!

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